Pipeline Construction

Responsible for the installation of pipes that oftentimes transfers liquids such as Potable water, Sewer waste and storm water runoff. We are also involved with the process used to apply coatings to protect pipelines from erosion, along with all facets of installing pipes such as paving, backfilling, Horizontal Directional Drilling and Trenching. Pipelines play a crucial role in daily life. Without the integral network of pipes, people wouldn’t have easy access to indoor plumbing and fresh running water. Nor would they be able to obtain gasoline for their automobiles, heat for their homes, or access to telephone or Internet service. We are also involved in the complex process that involves design and commissioning of the pipeline process. We are experienced with pipeline rehabilitation that involves new installation, upgrading or replacing existing pipes into the two categories of dry utility or wet utility which are related to projects like communications (fiber Optic), electrical, oil and natural gas. Dallas International is regarded as leader in pipeline construction. Our company has provided services for over 5 years. Our experienced team provides the best services to every client. We welcome opportunities to provide proposals for pipeline projects and invite you to browse our site to learn more about the services we offer. We look forward to becoming your chosen pipeline construction contractor.

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