Dallas International Limited (DIL) is an indigenous company in Cameroon, founded in 2010. We have nine (09) years of existence with global expatriate specialized in Engineering, Procurement, Construction of Oil & Gas Pipelines, Water Pipelines and Plant Upgrade / Extension. We also expand our expatriate to Rope Access (Working at Height), Construction/ Maintenance of Steel Towers, Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance and an innovated fabrication and Machinist solutions with all types of materials

Dallas International Ltd gives support services to companies in the Oil & Gas sector for both Onshore and Offshore locations, Cement Production Industries, Shipping Companies, Refineries within and around the CEMAC zone.

Globally, all industries work towards the golden rule for the preservation of health and safety of their personnel and protecting the environment as ISO 45001, Dallas International focuses on giving it expertise to all its client by putting in quality services and expanding on tower erection via rope access, routine maintenance, general industrial cleaning, painting etc. We intend to capitalize on the success of these industries by taking advantage of our strategic geographical position in Central Africa (Gulf of Guinea) region to be a major Support Service within this region.

Becoming the country’s leading Rope Access Services Provider, Best Industrial Cleaning Service Provider, HSE consultant as well as the top supplier of value added cutting-edge in engineering support and services.


We are dedicated to deliver professional & standard fabrication, maintenance and construction services that allow our customers to achieve their business objectives. We believe that our expertise and professionalism in meeting our customers’ needs is what sets us apart and builds strong relationships.

Everything we do at Dallas International Limited is guided by our core values. Exactly as a new construction project is guided by a set of plans and specifications, our people are dedicated to cherished ideas that set us apart in compliance with ISO 9000.

When you need safe and timely delivery, trust our services and give us a call.

Good maintenance is the foundation of efficient operations. Unplanned equipment failures are costly and can be avoided with good maintenance and scheduled upkeep. Dallas International Limited provides preventive maintenance, checks and service your equipment needs to keep it at top performance. We also rebuild and repair equipment when failures occur and re-operation is needed.



We uphold reliability, truth and integrity as the foundation through which we are constructed. We say and act accordingly. Our customers count on us to make things positive.

Team work

our ability working as a team is what makes us special to our clients. All projects are completed safely and on time due to our team commitment, no matter the challenges we face.


We believe that stewardship of our environment is a key to the long-term success of our business and society as a whole. Reduce, recycle and sustain is how we approach all our operations.


We are committed to zero injuries by reducing HSE risks to an acceptable level. We utilize recent work equipment, create appropriate safe work procedures and provide training to our staff to ensure 100% workplace safety compliance is achieved. A safe workplace will deliver a successful project.


Our business concept is based on the fact that top notch service qualities bring customer satisfaction and uphold work relationships.

Problem Solving

Customers frequently come to us with challenges that nobody else can handle or understand. We are known for our ability to provide safe and effective solutions that put our customer’s operations on track for continued success.

Our Partners

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